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I. First acquaintance.

The first time I heard the name of Princess, from one of my daughters when my daughter and her husband and children were on vacation in Indonesia.
I dis ask my friend to entertain my daughter and her family while they were in  Jakarta and my friend did so in his well known welcoming manner.
My friend also arranged them to stay in the first class hotel Grand Hiyatt at a reasonable rate. One evening he invited my daughter and her husband to go to one of the famous discotheque's of Jakarta being Crown Plaza.
There my daughter was introduced to Princess. Long story short, my daughter and her family had a pleasant vacation in Indonesia. Thanks to my good friend.

II. Rotterdam 2016.

Where I grow up.
During 2016 my daughter contacted me and told me that my friend and his girlfriend would be coming to Rotterdam, she asked if I would come  to see them. Of course I was happy to hear that. My friend and Princess had booked into a famous and modern fashion hotel "N" in the city at 'Kop van Zuid' area.
When we got there, we saw Princess and her secretary RHN standing with a trolly and a pile of suitcases on it, my friend was still checking in at the reception.
A moment later he came to welcome us and gave Princess the room key he had to go back to the desk to finalize the check in.
I saw that Princess and RHN looked tired because of the trip and were eager to go straight to the t room what appeared to be a top floor suite.
At that moment we didn't see a 'belboy' to carry the trolley. Without thinking, I  took the initiative to take the trolley with the pile of luggage and we (Princess, RHN, my daughter and I) quickly got into the elevator together.
When we were in the elevator, I joked saying "Am I going to get a tip for bringing the luggage upstairs?" Princess replied with a smile: "Definitely but Indonesian Rupiah", it was spontaneous and meant as a joke to create a cozy atmosphere between us. In the elevator people usually keep their mouth shut, don't they?
A moment later we were all in the room and not long after that my friend also arrived.
I hadn't met him for a long time, we sat and talked for about an hour.
Then my daughter and I said goodbye to went home because I understood that Princess and my friend wanted to have a rest because they where invited to go to a party in the evening.
So we returned home and did not talk about it anymore.

III. Swiss 2017

Towards the end of 2017 my daughter got in touch with me and told me (at that time I had a good relationship with her) that she and her family would go on vacation to Swiss  and asked if I wanted to go with them.
She told me that my friend and Princess would also be there the same time and at the same place.
My  friend arranged this trip until the end of the year s
ome time ago, they had already a plan that for that wintertime but that was at the time that he still was in love with Prinses.
I remember we were there from Christmas until December 29th 2017 what was the last day.
As a result, on the appointed day, my daughter, her husband and children plus I myself drove to the destination city but stopped  first in a place called Arnhem not far from the border with Germany before continuing the journey.
There we met my friend, he was with a beautiful young Indonesian woman (DN) and also some of his acquaintances, so I soon understood what was happening, he was not coming, had another girl with him.
Anyhow in a cozy restaurant in Arnhem close to a famous bridge we had dinner together, then we drove together in two cars to the Germany to visit the famous Christmas market of Cologne. Later, we  spent the night in a luxury hotel, but unfortunately my friend had to go back to Holland and the other morning after breakfast we had to split up.
So the other morning after a very good breakfast we left and continued our journey to our final destination.
However before arriving at our final destination, we stopped at the airport of Zürich where Princess and her assistant were waiting for us.
I understood that they landed before noon, and we didn't arrive until the afternoon, a long day for them.
It was already dark when we arrived at the simple but good hotel that my daughter had chosen in a small town close to St.Moritz. We stayed there for about a week.
When I realized that my friend had planned this short vacation with Princess I soon understood that that was the only reason Princess was willing to come there.
A woman like Princess. beautiful, famous for sure hoped that my friend will come too but unfortunately at the end of that holiday he didn't show his nose at all.
I was touched and sorry to Princess for my friend to take care of everything to commit to this trip and then not turn up.
I understood and could see clearly that Princess was deep in love with him. Still we waited for my friend to come because you never know (but I knew it already but shared the hope with Princess just to comfort her).
I still remember Princess her sad face all too often and her continuing talkings about my friend. Besides, Princess seemed more
and more enthusiastic for telling stories about her and my friend when she understood that I had a strong and long lasting friendship  with the man she was talking about and who she loved so much. I knew him already for approximately 35 years)



Princess came to the Netherlands at the end of March 2018. she was accompanied by her maid.
She planned to spend a holiday with us in Rotterdam and during that moment of stay, Princess of course could not stop hoping that my friend would also be nearby.

(That hope was in vain given that my boyfriend had had another girlfriend for quite a long time.)


To continue this story: 
My daughter lived in Rotterdam and the Princess, and her maid rented a room in the same building where my daughter lived. A neighborhood called the "Kop van Zuid".
In that high-rise building are facilities offered by the owners to tenants at affordable prices.

The rooms are spacious and reasonably comfortable, cleaned every day and beds changed.
Princess's room was downstairs, but she was usually upstairs with my daughter, the place where

Princess's assistant (pembantu) arranged breakfast because she knew exactly what Princess needed for breakfast.

All in all, I can say that it was a fairly pleasant holiday for Princess, although the climate was not very pleasant at that time, it was cold, and the rain kept falling.

But we, my daughter and I took her regularly for a walk here and there in Rotterdam and beyond or wherever she wanted, including a trip to Amsterdam and of course shopping in the city of Rotterdam as well as The Hague where Princess knew her way around remarkably well.  She might have been there before.

III. KEUKENHOF LISSE (near Amsterdam)

We also went with Princess to the Flower Bulbs, the Keukenhof.

There in the inside courtyard with flower beds I really saw a moment when Princess was very happy and enthusiastic, she especially enjoyed the Tulips.
She danced past the many tulips, smelling them now and then and holding the tulip stems with a happy look.

Among those flowers she seemed to throw away all her worries for a moment and happily walked around between the flower beds.
At that moment we were also glad that Princess felt equally happy.

That same evening, we enjoyed a delicious Indonesian meal in restaurant Desa in Amsterdam together with a few other Indonesian people we met in Keukenhof (acquaintances of Princess).

It was already evening, so back to Rotterdam.

The princess wanted to go to a mosque, so I took her and her maid to the ESSALAM mosque in the Rotterdam district of Feijenoord, near the De Kuip stadium.
This prayer house is the largest mosque in the Netherlands. The dome has a height of 25 meters and the minarets are 50 meters.

It was precisely during that period that the weather was very cold, gloomy and wet, nobody really wanted to go outside.
But Princess and my daughter traveled together for a few more days to Germany and Hungary.

I remember that in Berlin at the Holocaust memorial there was an incident that caught the news media in Indonesia and far beyond because of a slip of the Princess, with which she had absolutely no wrong intentions, I am sure.

Princess told us she needed to show her fans and maybe her family that she had a strong reason why she had to go to Europe. Of course, she didn't want to let it be known the real reason that she hoped to meet the man she apparently loved very much.

That is why Princess asked me to arrange a throat and vocal cord examination at a good clinic. Ultimately we agreed to choose a clinic in the Netherlands that is known as the best specialist in the field of the vocal cords.

With a lot of effort and persuasion I was able to make an appointment on a Monday morning at 8:00 am, in Utrecht. That was an hour earlier than they normally started and an absolute exception.

Everything was neatly arranged and not very easy, as it was one of the best-selected doctors who already had an incredibly busy schedule. But I managed to arrange everything as Princess asked.

However I really didn't expect what happened early on that Monday morning. We had to leave at 6:30 in the morning, but Princess was not ready to go. Either still sleeping or not in the mood I don't know, but Princess suddenly canceled the appointment or at least I had to do it for her.

At that point, the doctor and medical team were ready.
The doctor had gone to great lengths to treat Princess. The doctor had already had to travel a long way to Utrecht, apparently he lived in Amsterdam.
Because he had to check the vocal cords of a top artist from Indonesia.

Everything was ready, doctor (s), assistants, medical team, they are all there except Princess and I, we are not there.
I could not call anyone because the clinic doesn't open until 8am. Princess is absent, a shame, shameful I had done so much effort, called half of the Netherlands around.
Of course I stood there like stupid an unriliable at that clinic, I was very ashamed and could only take responsibility for paying all the bills for ethical reasons.

Later, when the princess was in Germany with my daughter, I was able to quickly arrange a check-up for her in a German clinic.



During the visit to Keukenhof, Princess really lived with her head in the clouds. She was happy, optimistic and cheerful.
She had seen that certain flowers had a name tag of a person or a company, that was the name of the tulip officially with certificate. The name giver  in particular owned  that tulip variety and wherever that tulip would be officially displayed, the name of the owner should be mentioned. Companies use this for advertising purposes.

I explained to her that a flower grower had specially developed a tulip exclusively for him or her. Princess wanted that too, so who made an effort again? Of course the adopted daddy, wo followed her blindly, so I figured out everything and eventually negotiated with a grower about the development of a special Prinsess ... tulip.
Everything arranged, offer received  expenses accounted but never heard from her again and I was left with a ton of flower bulbs.

As I said before, in Berlin Princess and my daughter visited the memorial “Holocaust”  in memoriam of the people who died in the Nazi camps. They made a video  and Princess said something (I don't have a recording of it) that was a kind of chocking for many of people in Europe, but also in Indonesia and beyond.
I heard that her contract with Adidas was canceled because of that statement, Adidas is a German company. So that trip probably costed more than expected.

I took a number of photos and videos during her stay in the Netherlands which can still be seen on her Instagram account, but she never mentioned the name of the photographer (me). I wonder who those recordings belong to, mine or Princess? Or to both together?

She probably Princess and her maid had a nice time back then in Europe but without finding  that special where she longed for.

Princess was very regular  on the phone with me, telephone calls, on WhatsApp chat and via videocall's. Some weeks later after she was in Holland she asked me: “Daddy I need you please come to Jakarta”. That surprised me, we had only just met in the Netherlands. She insisted, she said, “Daddy please come to Jakarta, I absolutely need you. i will book you a first-class ticket, just let me know which period you can but please come here soon”.


I told   to this my daughter, she also wanted to come because she also understood the reason and possibly could also help to convince my friend to bring him back to Princess. And a secondary reason was that she did not like her (old) father to make such a long trip alone, how nice and careful.

Therefore, I contacted Princess by stating that my daughter got along really well with my friend too and that she offered to help also.
Princess was happy to hear that and agreed to it, but in that case she would book two business class tickets instead of one first class. OK for me business class is also very comfortable and that's what we did.

My daughter and I left for Jakarta on May 3,  via Dubai and arrived in Jakarta on May 4, 2018 evening local time.
Everything was well organized, some staff of  Princess was waiting for us at the gate at Cencareng airport and very quickly we were in the comfortable white car of Princess on our way to hotel Mulia Senayan.
Princess called me to apologize that she was not at the airport, I did not feel that as a problem, we were also somewhat tired from the trip and in need of some rest by our self.

The next day we left for Surabaya where Princess had a show for a fully booked kind of a ballroom.
There we could see that despite all her troubles and sadness she was a good singer and entertainer.
She quickly got the crowd in a good mood and it was interesting to witness her in that role. We felt a little proud that we were part of her entourage.

The next day we returned to Jakarta. It was a nice experience that week in Jakarta with Princess.

Of course my daughter and I often  met with  my friend to try to glue the pieces together, but he resolute said that he was not interested to do so even he admitted that his feeling had not died completely but there were so many strong reasons to break up with Princess.

We really tried very hard, talked to him a lot but he stuck to his point of view and did not change his mind. As I knew my friend already a long time and for I trusted him most, I could understand why he persisted.
Her character had disappointed him very much, she had not been fair and Princess her family especially her sister where absolutely against the relationship between Princess and my friend.

My friend was looking for a harmonious relationship, not a relationship with tensions, and besides, there was the question of the difference in religion. And already another. woman in his life

Princess was looking everywhere   for help, she said to me: "Daddy you promised that I could meet him". And that was true. However  I had made a clear condition that it was only about talking and that she was not entitled to argue. She understood and promised to do so.  I made it also very clear that I couldn't guarantee it would ever work out again (Because I knew my friend so well).

We my daughter and I had a dinner date with my friend. When Princess heard about that she arranged something special with my daughter, at first I knew nothing about it.
Princess had received from the Imam she knew very well a bottle of water that would contain a certain strength, air doa, at least that's what she said but of course I wasn't sure, what was it really blessed water or could it  be air dukun (magic water)? Packed in an ordinary Aqua bottle of half a litre.

In any case, my friend had to  drink that water and then my friend definatelly  wanted to come back again to Princess.  That tried Prinses to  make my daughter to believe, I heard only about it from my daughter when we were in the car on our way to see my friend.  Anyhow we too wanted to believe that magical power because we wished deeply to see everything becoming allright for Princess in fact and in the end my daughter and me where called to Jakarta by Princess as auxiliary troops to convince my friend to come back to Princess. That was what we wished to for Princess that was our goal.

She must have been very desperate and probably loved him a lot. Or it might be so that she not wanted to lose something that she owned before, like a spoiled little child who want to have something but cannot get it?

Anyhow during or just after dinner, my daughter managed to change  bottles and  indeed my friend finished that special bottle in one time. But still didn't want to come a long with us to meet Princess.

However due to a coincidental and remarkable circumstance we got those two Princess and my friend together through, how that came and how that encounter went I will tell you the next time. In Chapter -4-


We had a small problem at the hotel. Princess had rented a suite for me initially because I would come alone first.
Now that I came with my daughter she had forgotten to change to a twin room.

However there was a King Size bed very wide of course and we were supposed to sleep in it together, my daughter and I.
That is not pleasant of course.
The first night we indeed crawled in there together, I slept well (Jetlag of course).
When I woke up in the morning, my daughter was no longer next to me, no, she was in the sitting room on the couch. Not a pleasant circumstance of course, no, we both did not like that.

Don't worry, we request a second bed.To our great surprise, we received the answer that in Mulia Senayan we did not have that service.
Just book an second room instead was the message.
We had a huge suite, no extra room needed, just a second bed.
They didn't want to give us that with the message: “We don't have extra beds here”.
Unbelievable of course I have slept in many countries in at least as many rooms in my life, but also in the most lousy hotel in Latakia (Syria) they had second beds available.

We related the incident to my friend that evening after we had a dinner and my friend indeed had finished the bottle with that magic water.
My friend too had traveled the world as a hobby and of course had also slept in all kinds of hotels, with or without a Princess and he spontaneously said: "That's idiotic, no extra bed, I'm going with you to your hotel, I'll arrange it for you right away".
I thought wow is that water indeed working?

We, me or my daughter I don't remember exactly when or which one of us did it but  immediately informed Princess that we were coming to the hotel together with my friend.
We diddn't give the real reason.
Princess of course also thought it was because of that magical water.

So Princess quickly ran to the hotel, apparently she lived not far from there I believe.
(Despite the good relationship we had, she never wanted to give me her address)
Anyhow meantime she was already waiting in our room.
My friend wasn't suspicious at all, he didn't notice, he walked into the trap with his eyes open.
In the car since I spoke with my friend all the time while he was driving in order to keep his attention away from my daughte who of course was on WhatsApp with Princess.

When we arrived we called or texted Princes and within seconds she was downstairs and flew into the arms of my friend who had already started negotiating at the reception for an extra bed.
It looked so romantic, a long embrace of several minutes.
We, my daughter and I, thought everything will be fine!
We thought for a moment that the magic drink did its work.

Due to the commotion we forgot about the extra bed and there we all went to our suite.
Princess had already rented an extra adjacent room for herself in advance because she hoped that my friend would spend that night with us or more specifically with her: “You never know”, she must have thought.

I haven't kept track of the time, but I think the whole game in our suite lasted maybe two hours.
Talk talk and talk and some more talking, Prinses had asked me that I should stay with her al the time during that long desired conversation.
Every now and then I became shy and felt completely unnecessary and then went away for a while to the bedroom where my daughter was still waiting.
I've never seen a woman humiliate herself like that that night.
Literally I heard her ask many times: “Sayangk take me back, take me back”.
But friend said:  "No I don't want to marry you, I can't marry you".
By now I had met his new young beautiful and probably sweet girlfriend and I could clearly understand him.
I understood that the new love (DN) surrely strengthened his point of view.
My friend was in love again but not with Princess!

Later my friend  told me again that he was looking for harmony in a relationship and he would never find that with Princess.
Their characters did not match. Princess family especially her sister would never accept him, that was one of his reasons.
He warned me many times by saying if she needs you she will remain sweet and attentive but as soon as she no longer needs you, she can no longer use you she will drop you like a brick in troubled water.
Just wait and see!
He was right I would learn that soon after.
"She's a bad character, you'll see" , he warned me.
Everything he warned me about her was correct, but I didn't want to see that yet, I was still blind, a kind of a puppet on a string.

The intended success that this meeting should have brought despite the influence of the bottle of Aqua came to nothing at all.
In any case and in my opinion I had fulfilled my 'assignment', they had met and she has spoken with him in lenght.
I promised that and with a bit of luck it happened.
I remember this evening as the “Sayank take me back night”.
Because my friend didn't want anythin at all with her and also when she insisted that he should stay that night in Mulia. He didn't!

Princess had taken his wallet with all his credit cards and so on.
She certainly thought he couldn't and wouldn't leave without his wallet.
I said to her, "No, Princess, you can't do that, I don't think that's right, stick to our agreement, give it back!


The princess always called me papa and I thought the princess had forgotten or didn't know my real name. 

The princess often told me t nd the princess also said that I was the best daddy in the world to her. Sometimes it's too much to ignore her late father. Eventually I realized that maybe it was part of her planning to subtly indoctrinate me so I'd be in the right mood. Until the princess's design, the end can justify the means, I was kind of a doll on a string titled "daddy" just as she crowned herself Princess. I actually don't know if I managed to realize what the role as her father should be. According to her, that is automatically trying to fulfill all the wishes of the child and she had a great wish (assignment). 
Whether it's a reasonable request or a nicely wrapped assignment like a sweet, hidden ghost. And that's pretty smart. 

 Indeed, there are a type of people who easily behave slippery in a way that influences others (who don't notice) to turn against other parties. The type that can be such that the packaging seems to elevate the person it will use to be made as comfortable as possible with a feeling that is very connected to him or her, even loved by her. 
The person who exhibits such behavior sometimes already has characteristics of it that makes it difficult for him or her to realize what is good or bad. 
Such types also have a sense of connection to the person, but that behavior is fleeting and can change from one moment to the next. 
It is the nature of negative carrying signs that such behavior is rare. 
It even seems true to people who are interested, but in reality it is not real, some kind of virtual relationship or of make-believe appearance 

Complex souls are usually competent on a psychological level, but often have very minimal emotional feelings. 
So in other words, when you do the wrong thing, such a type will not realize that it has done wrong. 
Such people can often easily lie in a way that they themselves think and believe that the lie that has been spoken is an honesty. So that such a type will never feel that he or she did something wrong and tends to always feel good. 

 If the princess got married, she wouldn't really love her husband because not only does the princess have a secret quality, but the princess is also very dominant. JUST FIXED ON ITS OWN RIGHT, THERE IS ONLY ONE OPINION THAT REALLY COUNTS AND THAT IS HIS OR HER. Everything under her control. Maybe that's not the plan but the character is just that way. No one is born that way, character is shaped by life and in this case also influenced by success. 

 The princess told me a lot about her life and said to me several times: "Daddy, I have no one I can trust to tell my secrets, only you daddy I can count on". 
The princess often said that she cannot open all her secrets to her family, not even to her younger sister (A), except she could talk to me, but of course she could talk to me about anything. 

 That may seem unusual, but in her country's culture and local customs, it may be. I don't know if what the princess said was true that she couldn't speak openly to her family, I don't know. All I know is that the princess has said that to me a few times. 

The princess always poured out her heart by talking about my friend, her great love how much she loved him. It often felt like I was obligated to help her and stimulate my mind to always feel the responsibility of being a "daddy" to absolutely help her and act as quickly as possible to get my friend back to her. But he didn't want her! 

I always said to her, "My daughter, you said you only wanted to see him once, didn't you? I managed to realize your wish, you finally met the man in the Jakarta hotel. But you also dated his mouth that he, the man you love, confirmed to you very clearly that he does not want to come back to you, princess. Remember that the man already has another woman that he loves, because as much as you love him, my daughter, you have to accept and realize that the man is no longer willing to ever come back to you" 

The princess immediately replied lightly: "The mission in Jakarta was not counted as a success daddy the events in the hotel, it didn't happen the right moment of happiness for me and daddy's friend". Reunite him with me again, see if there is another, better will be a moment of happiness after which he will surely come back to me and will not let me go again" 

The princess has met my friend with efforts by me and my daughter that persuaded my friend to come to the hotel in room 3512 at the Mulia Senayan Hotel Jakarta. But the princess seemed to want to ignore all memories of that evening. Instead, the princess seemed to throw away her memories of that night by making sure that the events at the hotel hadn't actually happened. All that made no sense. That's what she wanted me to believe she wanted to change my mind that I too would think it wasn't a success. Or even clearer that it hadn't happened. 

 Perhaps the princess thought, "The persistence wins." The princess was like a machine that easily moves everything from one place to another under her control and will always be under the control of her own will to act to influence others. 

The princess knew full well that my friend and I had known each other for almost 30 years. And that is certainly not a short period of time. 
The story of my long association with my friend seemed to provide a basis for the princess to continue to use this friendship as a force that could be useful to her and make it easier for the princess to achieve her goal. 
Another factor that the princess saw may be due to my age difference with my friend.  
My age being 25 years older than my friend's age also became a benchmark of the princess to think that my friend will definitely always tend to listen to me more and consider my voice more when I give an opinion like a friend he has known for a long time. 

The longer it went on the more the princess began to dictate to me what to say to my friend. The princess then sent me the text which I had to send WA (WhatsApp) to my friend. 
If the princess's messages still made sense, I did what the princess wanted and immediately forwarded the text to my friend. 
However, if the text written by the princess was rude or hurtful or contained unethical, let alone threatening content, I did not send the message to my friend. 

 After that, it still feels awkward for me because if the princess after giving me a message to forward to my friend, the princess would keep asking me forcefully soon after, "Has the message been sent? Does the text look like it already as read by him?" 
And the princess will contact me or keep chatting me with the next question if it is still unread? Or is the WA checkmark already blue? 
And it doesn't just stop asking it is because if it's blue so my friend received or read it then the princess told me to send copies of the screen shots so I had to send the blue check marks to the princess   
Especially with texts that are less pleasant for my friend to read, that I didn't want to forward because I found the sentence the princess wrote too rude or too annoying, that was a problem for me. 

 It was as if I had become entangled in an endless circle of always being ready to fulfill the princess's wishes. Often I wondered, why am I such a submissive person am I afraid or what? Sometimes I didn't forward the princess her messages addressed to my friend, I forward them to my own number so I could show them through the screenshots with a blue check mark that it's like my friend read them. 

Dealing with a situation that was very cranky and difficult for me for months. 
But on the one hand I didn't want to disappoint the princess, but on the other hand I also didn't want to irritate my friend with threats or messages that were not exactly polite from the princess. I felt like a fish in a net 

The climax was when the princess started forcing me to end my friendship with my friend. "Daddy tell him you don't want to talk to him anymore" tell him: "I don't want to talk to you anymore. Do that for me daddy, I'm your daughter". 
Of course I would never do that. 

The princess also instructed me to immediately say to my friend, "Daddy, tell him to show respect for your daughter and contact her." 
And that's not something I've ever done seriously, never even the subject of conversations between me and my boyfriend. Perhaps my friend also understood what was going on between the princess and me. My friend knows the character of the princess and although the princess keeps trying, the friendship will not break easily. 

The order of days or nights however, the princess would sometimes contact me up to an average of 15 to 20 times a day (and night) because the princess simply neglected the difference in time despite the fact that I also occasionally  too. 

I had to be there for her day and night, answering when my phone rings at night. Yes, she had quite mastered me. 

I was under the influence of the princess. 

 It was like some kind of psychosis or hypnosis, she treated me like some kind of employee (unpaid) and that in a total way. I was a puppet on a string. The princess was holding a rope. 
It wasn't worth it in retrospect and a lot of annoyance and worry from someone else. 
I subconsciously humbled myself by being naive by letting myself be used as the princess wante 

My logical mind doesn't like such situations and it's not really my character's side as I really am, but it's like I was held back by something I still haven't found the answer to. 
I had definitely become something of a slave to the princess, it seems that I had no will of my own and was always controlled by her will, charms, character and fame. 
Ever since I knew the princess, that was the starting point of a kind of hell for me. At that time I was always busy with the princess and with her endless conversations a lot of whatsapp chats. 

 At that point there was no time left for me for anyone but the princess. I started to neglect the people around me, my children, friends, grandchildren and even the biological daughters. When the princess called me, whatever I was doing, I dropped it, all for princess, then I didn't consciously ignore everything right away. As in one check during that period, the princess became number one in my life. Whatever happens, the first priority is the princess. 
Maybe I had a feeling from her that in the eyes of the princess I was the best hire for her, Princess who was the top artist from Indonesia at the time. 

 And at that time she made me believe that feeling like papa angkat was more comfortable, because when the princess was working on a new song, she would occasionally send me her handwritten lyrics and sometimes she would send me melodies that she only wrote with piano accompaniment . 

 I started telling everyone about the princess and when I visited somewhere, or met people – I got too many calls and not just one or two minutes, no, there was rarely a conversation for less than half an hour. 
If I told the princess I had family or friends over or I said I was busy, the princess seems unwilling to listen and just kept talking about what she wanted even though she just had me there even before speaking.. 

 Sometimes I tried to change the topic of conversation about something other than her grief, but that didn't work, she couldn't be moved. It always revolved around how to get my friend back to her and the princess just conveyed the emotional side of herself to me. 

 Me and the princess were two very different people - the princess is obsessed with my friend from her broken relationship and devastated by her lost love while for me obsession was the princess. 

 During that period I sometimes helped a friend at work, I was very regularly disturbed by her telephone calls. Finally, my friend asked me to better stay at home because it seemed that the princess needed me more than my job to help a friend. 

 Day and night it went through the same - phone, WhatsApp, video call, even the time difference made no difference to princess. The princess who lived in Indonesia was still in her bed in the morning and I had already found my bed in the Netherlands, so we were both talking in different locations, we were looking at each other so that sometimes it seemed like we were next to were in bed together. 
We also went to a bed location while the princess was in Bali with her best friend (JL), they were both in bed there in Bali and I was in the Netherlands, also in bed.  
Kind of a long distance threesome so we talked for almost an hour and about what topics and about what? Of course it's always the same with the same story, even other topics that we hardly ever talk about, there were few other topics. 

 Now I think the content of the conversations is ridiculous, but then it was the most normal thing in the world. 
During that time I wasn't in a state to think about recording all those conversations or taking screenshots on purpose, even during video calls I didn't want to save anything. I also kept deleting the WA chats. I never thought about keeping anything. . 

 Until that one moment I changed my mind when the princess sent me a video. I thought if the video of the princess falls into the wrong hands, Until that one moment I changed my mind when the princess sent me a video. I thought if the video of the princess falls into the wrong hands, it could bring big trouble to the princess. 
Reflexively, I immediately told her: "My putri remove it, remove it immediately". The princess replied: "No, I never delete anything, I keep everything in my archive, because I may need it later and can use it one day, then maybe I can benefit from it again". 

Then a penny dropped on me, and I thought, "Ah, are you one of those". Then I began to doubt the princess. Whether she was really that in love or whether she doesn't want to lose something she already thinks she has. And I began to feel no good faith of the real intentions and feelings of the princess. 
Since the day the princess said to keep everything, I no longer delete the whatsapp chats. I'm not putting it to the archive, just left it all on my cell phone, it still says a lot.. 

 So contrary to the accusation of the so-called "best friend" of the princess (middle-aged woman JL), it is precisely the princess who acted with probably the thought of being able to use things against my friend later could harm a friend. 

 If the princess' alleged female best friend is right, then I'll definitely have everything, including screenshots of the princess' video calls and audio recordings of countless phone calls. And that's a lot more than I have now. it is so is not true i have unfortunately not everything from the start. Because I only thought not to delete it after princess said to me "If the princess does that, so will I". 

Then my view of the princess started to change, it was actually the beginning of an approaching end. For I still put my friendship above my acquaintance with princess. 

 The princess began to show revenge feelings, signs of revenge on my friend and on my friend's new love. The princess often gave threats to my friend and his partner, the princess said that she would send dozens of "criminals" to my friend's house and to his new girlfriend's apartment. 

 The princess said she wanted to kill my friend: "I have great power in my country, don't underestimate me, I have the power to get things done, there's nothing I can't do, I can do anything I can but will". One phone call is enough to get it done." 

 Whenever I heard or read the princess's conversation about her threats, I tried to calm the princess and remind her, "I don't want to hear that, that man is my best friend". The princess replied slightly, "Okay, because he's your friend is daddy, won't hurt him, but for me that whore will still lose her presence". 

 I heard the princess say and write such things, it was new to me to hear my adopted daughter make such threats. Until I heard that the princess was held in high regard in my esteem but these statements and threats made me lose much of my respect for her and I began to understand who and what she was in reality. 

 I already feel like a little consciousness has awakened in me about who exactly is the woman who often says I consider myself the best daddy in her life. I think the princess got scary, but I didn't quite understand it yet. 

 The calls continued from the princess, but my feelings of affection, like a father's, began to wane as the princess became more and more dominant. The princess dictated to me more and more what to say to my friend. The princess often forced me to do something I really didn't want to do. So the princess had come to me at the wrong address, she unwittingly opened my eyes. 

 So I stopped blindly following her. When the princess asked me to say or write something to my friend, I started to resist, then I said more and more often no it's not right, I won't do that. Since the princess obviously didn't want me to stop acting as her go-between for my friend, she accepted. Despite numerous rejections from my friend for the princess. The princess always wanted my friend back. And worse, she still thought it would happen, under duress or not, he had to come back to her. 

The princess usually gave me input that led to one thing, but over and over the princess always told me pretty much the same thing.. 

At one point, in the midst of her grief, the princess conveyed one thing that she was apparently proud of and satisfied with, after all, she was still a celebrated singer and entertainer. The princess told me that on the way from Zurich in a plane. The princess threw out all the heartbreak she had in a text for a song  a song titled: 

“The Pagoda song” 
"The Seducer" You always said I'm the queen in your heart, baby 
“And I'm the queen in your palace 

“And you once said never leave me alone. 
“And when the tempter comes, let him destroy my palac” 

“In you forget 
“And I was once the sweetest I've ever been 
“The one you love the most 
“Can you forget 
“And when the tempter comes, let him destroy my palace." 

The princess sent that lyrics of the song as a memory of the princess and was happy that I could appreciate the lyrics I read as the lyrics of the song which are very moving and answer exactly what the princess was feeling. 

Midnight phone call., I don't answer because I already know who it is and what it will be about. But she kept calling, I hesitated, "Should I put it on silent or answer anyway". I answer: Of course it was the princess in the middle of the night and at the same time I heard fear and sorrow in her voice, she cried as she sobbed and said that she could not sleep and had a very bad dream and I remembered it as the : "Daddy, I woke up, I had a very bad dream". That night she told me her nightmares. I tried to calm her down: "Calm down putriku, what happened, tell me, what are you dreaming about?" 

On the next page I will tell you how terrifying a reality of tragedy in the life of a bloody hand will be constantly haunted by every dream most nights as the princess falls asleep. The great secret that the princess somehow hid forever.. 


The mystery of this dream I will tell you next time, in Chapter -6- 






One night, after midnight Indonesian time, Princess called me. This time it felt different from the previous calls. Because this time I heard a lot of fear in her voice mixed with a deeper vibration of sadness than the conversations I always had. Princess's voice was the most heartbreaking I'd ever heard of her before. It was like there was something she had a hard time covering up. Yes, it was about her sleep which wasn't good anyway and kept waking up because she was haunted by NIGHTMARES almost every night. At least that's what she told me.

Princess's nightmares that I summarize with.: "Daddy, I'm scared, I always have nightmares", At that moment I tried to calm her down by saying, "Calm girl, tell me what happened?" Tell me Princess what nightmares do you have". It was silence for a moment. And far away, I felt Princess could barely talk to answer my question. And from her voice, I imagined the many tears streaming down her cheeks. Unusually much and severe sadness. Princess's voice sounded stuttering, suffocated as if unable to control herself, as if it were hard to keep talking. Speaking seemed to be hampered and stopped with endless crying, constant sobbing.

In the end, her story came, still between her cries and sobs." Daddy, I often have nightmares and this happens almost every night that three baby children come into my dreams, Daddy." And after saying that, the more she started crying, with loud moans. Reflexively, I just replied, "Oh that's a beautiful dream right, you're dreaming about babies, right? It wasn't a nightmare. "Unexpectedly, my answer even made Princess's cry more heartbreaking for me to hear. And I was very surprised that she went like this.

"No Daddy, I dream of three babies, but they're dead, Dad."

She paused for a moment. And it occurred to me that I even thought, maybe Princess wants to be comforted because her grief is too debilitating, so it was heard by me that her fear of dreams was exaggerated just by avoiding a nightmare.

Meanwhile, she kept talking: "Daddy, I'm really scared because the three dead babies I always dream about are actually my own babies who should be in the real world Daddy" When I heard that I was shocked and spontaneously I said, "Are the three babies dead?"

And then still with the sound of crying on the phone, Princess justified that while what she said gave me and great shock. It turned out that Princess had performed abortion three times, at different times, and that the medical procedure that Princess had undergone has been in Singapore.

I was filled with great bewilderment when I heard that.

When Princess told me it became very clear to me and several times Princess confirmed it. Although Princess kept repeating that it was her 3 babies and that she had had an abortion three times. And I think I felt her grief at the same time. Moreover, the act of three abortions performed by Princess seemed a little exaggerated at first. But later it was also justified by my friend's non-denying answer.

Continuing the story of the three abortions, Princess insisted that I immediately pass it on to my friend as if to remind my friend of that incident again.

And later that night, I suspected that Princess seemed to want to use the three times abortion (in a relationship with my friend) as a powerful weapon and as a surefire way for Princess to "force" my friend with while of course she hoped my friend would take responsibility for continuing a relation with Princess. So that my friend would think that all the abortions Princess had done gave him an obligation to return to Princess.

Immediately I did what Princess asked to call my friend to tell him this abortion story immediately and waited for his reaction. That didn't last long because he said, . . . "That's what she wanted by herself"

And by giving that answer, my friend unwittingly also confirmed that there was a kernel of truth in what Princess told me on the phone that night. "That's what she wanted," My friend's response doesn't matter, because he felt the medical action was Princess's personal initiative. My friend seemed to have understood Princess's purpose. But my friend still didn't care and didn't change his mind just by replying briefly like above.

In my memory of that conversation with Princess in the middle of the night with the other nocturnal conversations, it convinced me that there was an element of truth in Princess's story. Princess, when she told the story, she sounded very panicked. The story I believed came out of her heart in my gut and was not indicated just to be heard. I assumed it was true, or she's the best playwright of the time. It should be borne in mind that she is an experienced artist.

In another midnight conversation, I said to Putri: “Why didn't Princess use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy? Then there would have been no unwanted pregnancy and Princess would not have had to do an abortion up to three times”. And at that moment Princess simply replied: “I'm afraid of any emergency cure Dad, because it will make me fat and I can't afford that regarding my career as a well-known singer”.

After that midnight phone call, Princess told me, and since then all the midnight phone call’s I ever received again from her represented the symbol of her nightmare story. It happened over and over again those nightmares I assumed and every time Princess woke up she would contact me regularly and consistently, she mentioned her scary story a few more times. But most emphatically, my friend needed to know she said. Later, however, I always avoided the same conversation because I found it too painful from the point of view of adopted father and daughter.

I understood that Princess felt very lonely especially in the afternoon and at night, her heart only felt good amid crowds and excitement. Such a situation could be Princess's reason for contacting me and wanting to talk to me for a long time and my assumption is that she felt comfortable and felt like she had found the right listening ear that was always ready to listen to her and understand her complaints. That's why she used to say I was the best daddy in the world. As flattered as it can be written or not, only she her selves and God know it.

It was common those late-night conversations.

It's certainly something we can imagine how Princess can be haunted by the constant baby dream. And the scream of Princess accompanied by fear convinced me that there was a seriousness of the facts in her story. If I mention late or midnight it’s meant to say in the Princess her country local time. There is a time difference between Jakarta and The Netherlands of five or six hours (summer-winter)

I think with a concerned opinion that it's clear, a really very sad history in Princess's life. And I can't attach anything to the further consequences of this Princess's story. Because it's a personal matter whose scope belongs purely to Princess. It's the body of Princess with her right to her body, Princess doing what she really wants with it, it's her right. (Based on Dutch opinion, not Indonesian where there is a different culture and opinions, anyhow I by myself will not judge her however what doesn’t mean that I ever will agree to such kind of decisions).

Despite the actions of three abortions she somehow told me that, I felt very uncomfortable hearing it. How Princess could do so much was out of reach for my sanity and all I could do about was worrying.

I can't imagine a woman could experience something like this, because a woman could so capable of living with a painful burden and being haunted by nightmares she never asked to come, but it just happens while sleeping. Of course, it will never be easy and it will not be easy for her to live with it.

And my lips seemed to lose the ability to speak and didn't know how to get Princess through it strongly. And when I was helpless at the time, I wasn't as usual, which can calm everyone down with reassuring and empowering input. And this time I gave up. Immediately I did not find the best way or advice, what should I say so that princess's life could become easier in this regard?? The barrage of nightmares Princess went through continued to haunt her. In those moments I felt deeply pity for her... I felt deep sorry for her!

Until this writing is revealed, I'm not sure if Princess was telling the truth or not. But I was surprised because I also heard the story through messages from other people whose identities I don't know. I'm just telling you truthfully what I heard, but if the story is true, Princess will allow herself to carry those sins with her for the rest of her life. And on the contrary, if it is a lie that I was told with bad intentions, then the lies she once uttered will also haunt her whole life, for such matters are not normally lied about. Even if at some point I have to face evidence, it can be speculation for me to do a medical examination of Princess if she's ever done that or not. Here I just tell you what Princess said, but what the truth is, only she and God will know. Maybe someone else who knows is a medical expert who may have treated her.

And with that tension, I really don't know if Princess's story is true or not. If this story is just a play because she hoped her story would get my friend's attention or what else could be the goal?? I don't have strong evidence because she never sent me WhatsApp messages about this, but Princess said it a few times. And my friend more or less confirmed the story through his answer.

In short, from the bottom of my heart, I really hope that Princess's nightmares no longer exist in her life and that they may disappear through and with the happiness of the household that Princess currently has.

Back in the moment of conversation and the flow of conversation between me and Princess. It is very often that Princess tells me that she always takes sleeping pills- even exceeding the doctor's dosage. Princess even sent me a video or photo of her with the soothing pills in her hand. (Elsigan, Valdrex, Zolpidemtartraat).and of course I was supposed to send a message together with a video and photo of Princess to my friend right away.

To help her, of course I did, and without a doubt I passed it on to my friend. Unfortunately, the effort still hadn't impressed my friend, let alone that my friend changed his mind about being willing to return to Princess.

Sometimes I got questions from Indonesian netizens about whether I know of rumors that Princess has a son born 20 years ago? And I repeat here, really I don't know anything about that rumor, and I don't know the truth of the rumors because Princess, as far as I know, she never talked to me about it. I tell here a story about my own science and what I heard firsthand (i.e. from Princess herself).

Of course, since my position is entirely focused solely on the fact that I always have to take care of it, to inspire my friend to return to Princess. Princess has also never said anything about a former boyfriend or love or has never been open about other loves while there are several stories about her doing the rounds including about my friend. Therefore, when I heard from others about Princess and when I asked her about all these things, she always told me that it is not true but slander, hoaxes and lies.

Back to the moment when Princess who kept an eye on my friend's going and standing, in all sorts of ways that serve Princess. Princess knows exactly where and with whom my friend is, what he does where he goes and so on, she had everything in mind and in the picture.

Princess also confirmed to me by sending me some photos, to show me to know that Princess knew that my friend was having dinner with his new partner and other information, after she had received a photo of my friend with her new partner and that they were somewhere or had just been somewhere.

I asked Princess spontaneously, how can you get a picture of my friend's whereabouts? Princess answered my question by explaining that there were acquaintances in my friend's family and friends circle, one or more people, which Princess said because her acquaintances were always ready to help her get information about my friend, to take a silent photo and then send it to Princess. But I doubted, between believing and not let alone the story that Princess had hired a private investigator, that seemed a little strong to me, Princess with the help of a private investigator. Until one time, my daughter Lauren, who I called Meisy, understood very well how the Princess misled me.

But at the time, I was still naïve enough that it was easy to believe everything Princess said, perhaps, because I still had faith in Princess and still seemed to be immersed in the stories Princess told me.

Lauren so explained to me that Princess got photos of my boyfriend and her new partner from social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. Princess also secretly followed the Instagram account of the individuals who Princess followed such as the Instagram account of my friend's partner and some of his family members . She did this through fake accounts other than her own name.

Of course, Princess uses fake accounts that differ from her own name, in this way Princess easily takes screenshots of the Instagram accounts of other people she wants to keep an eye on. Definitely my friend and his new partner. And after doing the "screenshot" Princess will change it with a small edit, then Princess will forward the edits to me. Because of the results of the so-called detective report or the results of information from acquaintances in my friend's family. In fact, Princess herself exploring everything using her fake accounts while telling me that she was helped from the inside and employed a private investigator...

It was on display that Princess was constantly watching my friends wherever and whenever and knew exactly when my friends will travel to where and when.

Princess was a very jealous type. While Princess was addicted to a friendly post on my friend's new girlfriend's Instagram. She never mentioned his partner by name, but instead she called her with inappropriate designations like that whore. I used to say something about it, and then she'd cool me right away, but she wouldn't stop.

Sometimes Princess was in a murder mood, Princess often said easily and slightly that she wants to send criminals to take my friend's life and also eliminate his new partner. I have proof of that but do not know whether such threats are punishable by law.

I immediately said, "No, I don't want to hear such threatening things, let alone my friend, Princess" and she quickly replied." Okay, Dad, I'm not going to hurt him because he's your best friend Daddy, but I'm still going to eliminate the whore, ridiculous of course such threats.

Princess wants me to deliver the impending punishment she wrote to my friend. I had said it verbally to my friend, but my friend was laconic and very calm as he shook my hand and said: "That woman is crazy, just ignore it".

But not much later Princess fulfilled her threat, Princess sent some criminals but not really dozens, to the home of my friend, who lived in an elite area of Jakarta. Not very convenient of course in such a neighborhood.

Even before the thug(s) arrived at my friend's house, there was an uninvited visit by a middle-aged woman (JL) known as Princess's best friend. When the lady came to visit without being invited, my friend was not present. But the woman entered illegally the house. Her inappropriate actions led to her transgressions. Of course, it got confusing for my friend's housekeeper who was overwhelmed by her. That woman was also without ethics and any shame or restraint, she just went into my friend's personal room to look for items that Princess thinks were hers. The woman carried a list of Princess's kind of personal authorization with items that must be taken without permission from a property whose owner does not even know she’ there. Maybe Princess left a lot behind there because Princess had settled with my friend for a long time, lived and stayed overnight.

Princess also sent me that list of items she had bought for my friend and given as a gift, to demand a refund again. And even what Princess bought as a gift for my friend's son is also included in the list of items to be returned. Even if it's just a garment that's already been worn. Even Princess wrote that if the listed items do not exist anymore or are lost, my friend should still reimburse it at the same price.

Whereas the nominal amount was certainly not fair when calculated. Although I know very well that my friend did a lot of incredibly good things while he was with Princess. It's my friend who paid for all the luxury Princess once felt and that Princess could show off on social media. But everything, as if it's 100% effort from Princess because of the results of hard work when in fact a lot of my friend contributed more dominantly in value. And it seems my friend also helped buy a luxury car. That’s what I was told, I have no evidence of that.

Of everything that happened, I realized it too late how the situation really was, Princess had done everything, the way she used me and also manipulated my real daughter, just to achieve her goal of bringing my friend back to her.

My biological daughter too but especially me, was easily manipulated by Princess and later by her sister in a very, very systematic way, so that my daughter herself did not notice, who considered Princess as her "real" sister that she had finally found.

Princess also sometimes told me about her intimate relationship with my friend was, including that my boyfriend sometimes wanted to have sex with Princess up to five times a day. (Could he?)

Princess told me about the last time they were in Paris, about the time my friend went to bathe. Princess told me how my friend asked her to stay in the bathroom. He had said he loved her so much that he refused to shower alon without Princess present, he could not miss her for a moment in life.

My boyfriend didn't want to lose sight of her. And that sensitive intimacy thing, which I find very inappropriate to tell a daughter to her father, let alone a relationship with hereditary blood. Looks like my boyfriend was talking playboy language, or he wanted to keep an eye on her so she couldn't subject his phone to an unseen inspection.

A woman and certainly a woman in love can be very curious.

Princess seemed to be using her reputation as a famous singer to make it easy for her to get a lot of things in her favor and manipulate a lot of people around her while subtly wanting to use others.

I heard the story, when Princess was in the famous hotel in Amsterdam Netherlands, Princess initially did not want to pay the luxury hotel rate, where she said she was a superstar, diva from Indonesia.
She probably thought she would get special amenities, including an exemption to pay for the hotel room. That is of course something they do not do in the Netherlands whether it is a megastar diva, even the richest superstar in the world or an ordinary person still has to pay as the absolute stay without exception.
However I do not know if this story is true, I have heard it from various sources, the story: "Wants preferential treatment" also appeared on social media from the source of a hotel receptionist in Amsterdam who had spoken directly with Princess.

Of course, it is now clear that I am not the Sugar Daddy of a or any Princess. The real fact is, I've never had any kind relationship or romantic relationship with Princess. As it was once widely distributed, that is not true. I acted just as a kinf of accepted father, “Aya Angkat”.

At least Princess was open to me. Anyway, she conveniently used my position as a good friend of the man who was the love of Princess's life at that time and she had great expectations of it.
Princess once told me that her younger sister, before the wedding, had pretended to be pregnant to easily force the man, who is now her husband, to marry her. But that would Princess never do she said.
Indeed, the sister who was Princess's manager at the time was not pregnant. The sister's efforts have so far managed to get the man and to marry him.
Shortly after the wedding, the younger sister easily said she had miscarried. Again, I have to say that I don't know if that story is true because I only heard it.
Although that story turns out to be an open secret because it has appeared on social media several times.

Princess flew to Los Angeles in June 2018 and again to the same destination at the end of July.
And usually with an alibi to undergo a medical examination with the most expensive and best doctor. Very often Princess said that she is in a sick state, needs serious medical treatment or reportedly in a hospital abroad or in a position with an doctors examination, or needs medication, but the location was mostly unclear. That was often a question mark.

I'm also not sure what Princess's activities are perhaps to attract the public's attention or sometimes divert away from the public's attention.
But princess still asked me a lot of questions, about my friend and without saturation she always wanted me to tell her all about it.

Still in mid-June 2018 when I was invited by my friend to come again to Jakarta , he wanted to show me Indonesia. I had an appointment with Princess also and informed her that I was going to meet in Jakarta on June 29th and I had already conveyed to Princess, that I would stay in my friend's residence, even telling her that my friend was preparing everything, my trip and stay as usual, including plane tickets. I understood that Princess didn't like to hear that, but I didn't keep it a secret from her,

And yet, when I arrived in Jakarta, Princess seemed very upset and angry because I didn't call her right away first. At the time I thought there was no need to call Princess immediately as I thought she would know all it about from my WA message dated 6/18/2018 at 8.45pm.

The fact that Princess reacted in such an angry way also proves that Princess has dominated and controlled my mind and life and Princess may think that I belonged to her and I am Her's and no one else’s, even as if I am may not to own myself.

And at first glance, a while earlier, when Princess was in the Netherlands, my memory drifted to a certain event when...
Princess dared to delete many phone contacts of my friends from Indonesia, including the phone number of one of her stylist’s (CD). Princess told me, "You don't need any more of that, Daddy."
Of the many thing and moments that have happened, it is no longer surprising for me to conclude about the character of Princess she is probably used to dominating the people around her, because after all she was a superstar in deed.

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Starting a count down



Many times when Princess showed another bout of apparent depression (and that was really very common, almost every day), I tried to calm her down and speak up.
I would say,
"Putriku have faith, Allah will test you, your time will come, one day you will meet a new love who will offer you everything you so desire. Be patient trust the moment of your happiness is approaching, believe me, I have experience."
I said:
"Putriku you don't always have to take so many medications especially no sedative. The best medicine that can save you is to meet someone else, in all heartbreak the strongest medicine is to find and develop love for someone else, then all the doom and gloom will be gone in no time and you will be able to forget what you so long for now, I guarantee that!"

Despite the fact that Princess was now starting to treat less end less nice, I still had a deep sense of pity for her.

Why will you ask? Well I still felt as the adopted father in deed, a kind of replacement of her natural father and I really went out of my way, for some reason I tried better for her than ever for my natural children.
That may have something to do with my real children never interacting with me in such an overt and confidential way. I don't really lend myself to that either, but with Princess there was a spark between Princess and myself in a certain way in Switzerland.

Then she started using me as a kind of tool to get her way towards my friend  and to get what SHE wanted.

The more I think about it afterwards the more I became convinced that she has a cool heart, it wasn't 100% about love, no it was about getting back what she wanted to keep what she was loosing,

Princess wasn't used to losing something Princess already possessed in her mind, something that was hers, her property. Princess was in normal life already struggling to give anything away (Princess did promise a lot) let alone that something was taken away from her, Princess really couldn't stand that.

People sometimes say that love and hate are close together like a minute before twelve and a minute past twelve, that also happened with Princess, I experienced that.

Princess could come across as very pathetic at times, very sad until a depressive state, but the other moment Princess was full of hatred towards my friend and especially his new girlfriend.

Against me, on the other hand, Princess was always steady, that apparent feeling of her towards me did not suddenly change, that came more gradually her daughter-like feeling slowly diminished as if Princess was waiting for something unusual to happen that allowed Princess to finally completely end the father-daughter relationship.

And that moment came, too, unexpectedly but as a possibility that was thrown into her lap without any difficulty, read on to understand.

I don't understand why I've been treated so humiliatingly by Princess all along, but in that particular period it didn't feel that way.

Princess had the initiative about me. Of course, she would have wanted or unwittingly influenced me because of her fame, personality as an artist and because of her manipulative character.

Lots of sweet words like: "The best father in the world" or: "The best father I ever had" and: "You are like a real father to me".

Princess glued me in all sorts of ways, also promised beautiful gifts that never came because even during Princess promised something like this to me she had already forgotten it at the same time. Although I'm still waiting, actually, the mail between Indonesia and the Netherlands doesn't seem to be going very fast.

Honestly I must mention that once I received a gift from her, a luxurious unisex packaging perfume from the brand Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris.

In the end, however, Princess dropped me like a heavy stone, no Princess did not drop the stone, Princess threw the stone as far away as possible. Just like my friend predicted.

While I used a lot of fatherly feelings and with the investment of such a lot of time, experience and wisdom I have helped her through a difficult and the most saddest period in her life.

Princess had no one else just me "Aya angkat" her help from my heart. Whenever Princess needed me I was there, I was always ready, the phone was almost stuck to my ear if I did not answer immediately then Princess was outraged even if Princess sent me a message Princess expected a prompt response.

I wasn't a domestic helper, but I was the help of the heart and the mind. I really put Princess through the deadlock with everything I could. But she's not grateful for that, she loathes me afterwards.

I certainly expected an apology, but it's too late for that by now.

In this story I shine my light over what was really happening between her and me because I feel obliged to denounce Princess's accusations that I would lie and fantasize.

I can prove that I have always told the truth.

I have never wanted to throw everything open on the table but now I have been forced by the attitude of Princess as well as various people around her to open up to clear my good name.

The last word has not yet been spoken about the video phone call from Princess's 'best' girlfriend to me, in which Princess, her husband sister and others were present (I have that from a reliable source).

They accused me for various serious offends, recorded it and published the whole video conversation on the internet in particular Instagram. What they did then is absolutely prohibited against the laws in force in Europe. The case is under investigation and could have far-reaching consequences for those involved. 
 On August 8th when Princess returned from Los Angeles I received a Whats App message (see appendix) from Princess with the following line:

"Papa I found someone he is good please pray for me". 

However, Princess initially used initials KC and later CK in some posts on Instagram, which could mean that Princess used initials that represent the letters of someone's name.

It took some detective work and with the help of insiders I ended up on someone whose normal initials are RB.

It turned out that Princess was not yet there to use the real initials of this new love. That may not have been possible and should not be in connection with RB's history with his then-fiancee.

But Princess wanted to show something in all her naivety that she had found a new love, which is why Princess took the last two letters of his family name. Initially Princess made a spelling error (KC) but later Princess adjusted it to CK.

On 1 September 2018 Princess sends me another message (see appendix) that Princess wanted to take a trip through Europe with her new love after her concert (10 years Princess on 20/09/2018) That was a month and 12 days after I received the first message (08/08/2018). Her sister later tried to disprove my information by phone saying Princess had been dating someone else for a month therefore that wasn't RB. It was someone else according to her however she refused to give that other name to me, apparently there was nobody else of course seeing the initials.

Officially, it's called that Princess and RB only met on the show, so on 20/09/2018 well excuse me but in my opinion there is something wrong. Especially since RB once made a slip of the tongue itself during an interview on TV to which Princess reacted with shock and corrected him very swift.

That deserves clarification. I'm going to add the WA history of those days hereafter.

Perhaps this is also a reason that my invitation for tht biggest show ever was not acted upon, in a VIP seat of “honor” next to Princess's mother, front row, it did not happen.

I was no longer needed. I knew too much, of course in fact I represented her former ‘love for ever’. I obviously wasn't welcome on the big show anymore. I didn't hear anything about it again, I was the big absentee, I was sorry.

I felt hugely abused by my anak angkat at the time and for whom I had tried so hard. I comforted her over and over again, listened fatherly, cried with her and laughed together, day and night everywhere, anytime, and now I feel dumped like a brick in murky water.

Actually for me quite suddenly Princess got married but Aya angkat was not invited.

Through that I learned her true nature, her real character.

In fact what I told her it finally and truly came through: “The best medicine will be an other love”.

And that happened although I am still in some doubt how she can change in such a short period the “love of her life” in on other love of her life.

Anyhow it happened an in a way I’m happy for her.

Because in according the story what her sister told me, within a period of about two months, she found a love what lasted a month and shortly thereafter she found an other one (RB). Does that mean that RB is second or third choice?

Well, the Princess maybe was hopefully and possibly happy and all the previous problems were left behind. Good for her, finally what Princess and her family so longed for, Princess had found a man and apparently a good party the son of a conglomerate.

After that, things went quiet around my adopted daughter at least as far as I was concerned. There was no contact anymore possible she had two reasons: 1/She was angry because I was invited and stayed with my good friend and: 2/She found someone else and she did not need me anymore.

A year passed by, it became November 2019 , towards the end of that month I received several times a call from an unknown number, anonymously usually I never answer such calls. After at least five or six times in a row I thought it might be urgent and the keeper finally wins so I answered the call. I was told an unexpected thing. The conversation went something like this:  
>"Are you mister Laurens?   
<"Who is speaking?   
>"I am a journalist from Indonesia and I am in Europe, I would like to >speak to you   
<"What  is it about?  
>"It may be important to you mister Laurens  
<"Yes but why do you want to speak to me and how do you 

<get my number?  
>"When I meet you I will explain everything but do not want to talk too >much over the phone.

Yes I thought why not I was curious, so we made an appointment to meet in the lobby of hotel Hilton in Schiphol airport.

So I went there in early December at the agreed time. I found three people there, two from Indonesia and one from Belgium. After a bit of back and forth in Indonesian language, the monkey came out of the sleeve (Then the truth came out).

They had heard, but wouldn't say from who, that I had a certain kind of relationship with Princess.

They knew there was "Aya Angkat." relationship. We spoke Indonesian because one of the two spoke very little English and my Indonesian according to them was very very good which I still doubt it by myself. The point was that as journalists they wanted to make a story about Princess during the last few years before she met her current husband. The two had serious doubts that Princess had only met her husband for the first serious time sometime in September 2018. They obviously had different information and wanted to know from me how I felt about that. Immediately, of course, the Whats App conversation of August 2018 came to my mind. But I didn't say a thing about that during that conversation.

They asked if I had kept any correspondence or anything like that and I confirmed I had some from a certain date. They wanted to buy that along with my personal memories that would be recorded according to direct interviews and Skype contact.

Those people wanted something on the spot, but I refused.

For example, I was offered a considerable amount in Euros but they did not want to give me their name, possibly company or the magazine they worked for because they wanted to prevent me from immediately calling Princess after the conversation and they could not and would not take that risk. I, of course, felt stepped on my toes (I felt offended) and I said to them:  
So you want to buy information from me about my 'anak angkat' when I don't even know who I'm talking to yet”. The answer:  
"We make a contract that the gentleman from Belgium who is a lawyer will put together and in addition we will disclose everything, who we are and what we are."  
"And the payment?" I asked  
"We will deposit the amount in the hands of this Mr. Lawyer and once everything we expect to receive is delivered, you can dispose of it."

I thought it was a weird story, whereas those people looked neat and serious I had little faith in it.

We agreed that I would think about it for a while and that I would be ready for a decission in two days.

The amount that was mentioned would be somewhere around 30,000, - Euro. That attracted me because I really could use that money. They wanted to agree for a second meeting in two days time but I said:

“Better you call me first”.

They agreed to that and promised to call me in two days again.

On the way back home I thought about this carefully and I already knew that I couldn't get something like this over my heart.

And then who and what were they really, maybe they weren't at all that they wanted me to believe, maybe something else was going on.

I had experienced how Princess could think and manipulate and what problems Princess had made against my friend and his current girlfriend to get her away.

I hesitated on both sides, both right and left.

I decided to call Princess, after all, had 4 different phone numbers of her. None of them worked, maybe I was already out or she had closed them. When I got home I thought, "Know what I'll send a Direct Message via Instagram".

That’s what I did but there came no response to it.

Princess her response came a few weeks later.

Princess sent that not to me but to my daughter Lauren.

Unfortunately, I can't find the DM I sent anymore probably because Princess deleted everything or because she blocked me everywhere. That's a shame because the message I sent was informative and meant to warn my anak angkat that there were people looking for a story about her.

I didn't go into it, wanted it for the money but couldn't get it over my heart at that time.

A few weeks later however Princess suddenly sent a nasty message to my daughter Lauren a little menacing.

Not understandingly.

I wrote an answer and also asked my daughter to forward it. (See annexes).

I have never received confirmation that my message has been forwarded, nor has it been confirmed whether a reply from Princess has emerged.

I cannot understand why Princess, after everything that has happened between us and everything I have done, has the courage to send a message to my daughter that is clearly addressed to me but also contains something threatening to my daughter kandung (see annex).
I've wondered many times, how come I could get so under the influence of someone I didn't really know well?

Was it because she was a diva in her homeland? Because Princess was beautiful? Is she really beautiful?

I had absolutely no feelings that were fueled by romance, under no circumstances.

Is Princess naturally beautiful? There are earlier images of Princess where Princess does not excel at beauty.

No, it wasn't all that. I just wanted to help her and even in such a way that I often turned against on my good friend, for her, to help her through this impasse in her life.

It's because of her all-conquering character. She has an emotional quality so that Princess knows initiative, feels how Princess has to play someone, young or old, man or woman. That's her great strength, I think she can be a very good presenter. 

Of course, everyone is born unscathed in character, clean and new. After birth, there are many influences that form a character. First, the parents, then the other family members, brothers, sisters, uncles aunts, cousins, cousins, neighbors, playmates, teachers/teachers at school. Fellow pupils, friends and acquaintances, boy or girlfriends, loves, romances, adventures etc. etc.

Everyone who is associated with them, even individuals and some animals that are only met once, affect our future lives.

That is exactly what I think happened with Princess. She ended up in show business, after what Princess once told me

Hher father had already mapped that out for her.

She had to become an artist – singer and Princess did that as it turned out with verve.

She had it in her and made herself that own.

Princess ended up in a world where Princess was wanted and loved. Many wanted something from her and everyone took advantage of her. But she was not naïve, she could see that, Princess noticed it.

Princess personally benefited 100% from that.

She sang a song and all the people around her did the rest. She commanded and everyone obeyed, why?

Because all the people in her circle made money from her or at least wanted to make money from her or at least through her.

Princess himself once wrote in a Whats App message to me: "My family depends on me." And I suppose that was indeed the case when Princess wrote that.

Her sister is her manager under the name events agency or something but it does not mention that she represent only one artist being her older sister Princess, she arranges the bookings together with a team and everything that goes with it.

Probably sister does that very well because sister (P) receives 35% of the recette after what I heard and that is unheard quite high.

But as long as Princess can live with it, it's okay.

Be that as it may, in such an environment everyone is docile to the person who brings in the money, which is normal because they all live on it.

That is a cardinal point because of that Princess has become what Princess is today. Her character is shaped,

Princess is very much use to: everyone does what SHE wants, including her friends and acquaintances, who hang on her lips, arranges everyone for Princess, who makes up the service. As long as Princess keeps singing songs, that's fine.

But beware when the career comes to a standstill and to an end, contemporary glory is soon "faded glory."

That is why it is good that Princess is now married to a docile man because when her glory days are over, most other men will very quickly look at her differently than they have to date and many so-called friends will disappear.

Besides, Princess isn't the youngest either anymore. Princess is the only woman I know with officially different ages, will be Princess 41 next August 1st or only reach that age in 2023? I don't know either.

It's not important, most women like to reduce their real age by a few years and some men too. I know a lady who is already seven years 50...

I not I'm 81. Born on the 14e of June 1940 in a church…..


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Ayank Take me back, take me back

Stick the agreement, give back”. I was indeed a bit surprised because she did it immediately, she obeyed.
Finally my friend left to go back to his new love. leaving Prinses in tears behind.

We my daughter and I had a pleasant and interesting evening the other day.
We attended a performance by Princess and her sister (Cinta Terbaik) at a  commercial TV station. Afterwards we had dinner together at a good Chinese restaurant, it was a “Happy Hour” evening, (see the video 'Happy Hour' on my YouTube channel Lio HK Original).
Princess's sister, Assistant (I) and another team member were there. I don't remember exactly who because I was under the spell of Princess that night.
She was exuberant and cheerful, happy maybe she still thought everything would be okay. "Papa will fix it".

I often wondered that week there in Jakarta, does she really love him that much or does she not want to lose some thing she had already? Of course I could understand that she had a conscience about what had happened.
After all, she had spent many nights with him. She herself had told me that they had lived together in my friend's house for practically a long time in a well known first class neighberhood of Jakarta.

The next day we all went to Bogor (West Jawa). First to the Princess bakery (very tastful cake) and then to her mother's family house.
Where we spent the rest of the day and partly evening and ate sop bakso Bogor beautifully cooked by Ibu Cettar herself.
It was indeed very nice and social, I got to know the whole family there. I had a long and interesting conversation with Princess's older brother, Ridwan.
Unfortunately, he died a short time later in a tragic accident.
Also there I had the dubious honor of making the acquaintance of an elderly lady (JL) who was introduced as a 'best friend of Princess'.

Princess took us to the airport later that evening." There an unexpected incident occurred of which I later learned that Princess did not like it but it made made me laugh.
I had informed an old love of mine (Rika I always called her Rita) on the advice of my daughter that she could meet me at Cengkareng. I told her that on the phone at the moment we were already driving from Bogor to the airport.
When we got there and I got out of the her mood car she came running to me and flew into my arms she cried out a loud.
Rika and I hadn't seen each other for ten years! But we had always kept in close contact.

Suddenly the Princess changed her good mood, she didn't get out of the car anymore to say goodbye, gave me a short greeting, took a picture with Rika together and she was gone.
Was she jealous? Or possessive? 
I heard from my daughter that she was in any case not happy with it.
And Rika a big fan of Princess was twice happy, she met with her old lover and could meet with her favoured artist.
Fortunately for Rika, she was allowed to take a few pictures.

Some time later, when the relationship between Princess and me was cooling down, Princess was kind enough to send me copies of her expenses due to our stah in Jakarta.
She'd gotten mad because apparently I'd said something wrong on the phone.
I said something my friend once said.
Namely that if she ever needed something he was always willing to help her.
She became bizirk.
She thought I was talking about money but I wasn't, at least not my intention.
It was deffinately not about money.
She felt addressed and told me that she did not need anyone's money.
Maybe as a proof she wanted to show me how much she spend on me and my daughter by sending copies of the bill.
However she forgot why and who called us, uhhh me in the first place, to come urgently to Jakarta.
Suddenly she sent me copies of her expenses she made for my daughter and me (see attachments).

Princess previously wanted to have an Apex Card, which is very hard to get. You have to meet many conditions.
That's what I was talking about.
It is a privilege card you can pass by through the checks for diplomatic persons and the crew at airports on arrival and departure.
No delays due to the long lines at the usual checks for passports and so on. That's one of the advantages of such a card.
My friend had arranged that card for her and gave it to me when I was in Jakarta with my daughter.
He asked me to give it to Princess.
She refused rather bluntly, a little brutally. She said: "I only want to receive that card from whoever arranged it for me and not from you Papa".
That was really arrogant and a bit insulting to me, at least that's how I felt.
So card back to my friend who gave it to her in the evening during the meeting in Hotel Mulia. Personal as Princess wanted. Yes, that's how it should be, she's a princess after all indeed.

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This is a summary of what I have said about my own dealings with Princess or vice versa however you want to look at it. Of course, I was blinded by her persona, fame,  who she was and what she was, her  appearance-her behavior and many other things.

She had and   she may still have   the ability to wind someone around her finger, she understands the art of putting people to her hand, call it a certain charm that she can play whenever she wants.
Especially  someone like me and my daughter- who is still under her influence to this day-  and adores her like few others.

Princess has the ability to use people, in principle she doesn’t do much herself- everything was and still is arranged and done for her.  And.... I've been a part of that, too.  Of course, I am not happy about that afterwards, but that is how it turned out. I don't know what got into me then.

The  main reason is that all this time I  have  been convinced that she was sincere, that she was truly heartbroken and that she would more or less not be able to live without my friend.

I lived in the belief that Princess needed me, Princess needed a father figure she could talk to, who comforted her in her grief and advised her paternally. I do believe up to this point that

Princess is always looking for someone like me, an older person who can take her natural father's place and I probably lent myself excellently for that at the time.

I understood her and was willing to listen to her at any circumstance and at any time.
And as an important side effect, of course, was that I had been friends with the man who adore Princess or a longtime, at least at that time.
Did she play a game? Was she really so filled with love for the man who couldn't (anymore) get his?  

For a long time I was convinced that Princess was sincere and I was sure and also believed that Princess did not want to lose my friend during that period, maybe she longed for the person he is but certainly she longed for the wonderful free-spirited time she spent with him.

Travel, luxury hotels, maybe make good love, in short be pampered as only my friend can and still can probably.

I have also lived all along in the belief that Princess considered me 100% a father, although not a true father of origin but an adopted father. That was also what she confirmed to me many times both verbally by phone and in writing via WhatsApp chat.

At the end of 2018, I started to realize that she used me exclusively, as a pawn in her struggle to reclaim lost love. Or perhaps rather to reclaim what she initially thought she possessed but which she lost out of her direct influence. Although she ended  the relationship with my friend, before she had said so, she immediately regretted it  again.   

Forced by her pride, Princess said the decisive words that she ended the  relationship. Of course she thought that my friend with hanging paws would come back to her, but unfortunately for Princess he did not!  
In her  thinking,  my boyfriend was a  potential  spouse, perhaps because there was nothing better available and Princess herself realized that time was starting to run out, her age,  according  to many, was already in her 40s but two years less, according to her.

Of course, I occasionally hesitated especially at the times when my friend warned me and explained to me what Princess was thinking and what her character was like, but then I didn't want to    listen, in other words I heard what he said but I didn't listen, didn't let it get through to me, I didn't see it, I was blinded, I believed her.

And so  it was with my daughter Lauren,  witness some messages  she sent sang  putri. She too was wonderfully influenced by Princess and  she too let herself be used and in my opinion that is still the case.

She too will one day experience what Princess is really like. Why wasn't my daughter (they call each other Sister and Babe) invited to Princess's wedding ceremony? A nurse should be the least present. And why was a distant acquaintance who lives in Germany invited? So an acquaintance was chosen over an  adopted  sister? Think   about that.  

Princess is not only an artist on stage, not only in her songs, no she is always like that, it is ingrained in her character and there is nothing to be done about it, no salvation possible. Everything she does, everything she says, there's an intention behindit.
I'm not saying she's bad, she's become like that, she's made that way by her environment, because of circumstances she wasn't born that way. Dand don't think she's stupid, no on the contrary she's particularly smart to a certain extent, in a certain area, in her field, to theuniqueest...

There are many (angry?) tongues that claim that my friend was arrested by the police at the end of 2018 for possessing narcotics by betrayal of Princess. I don't know if that's true, I can't confirm or deny that.

Given her threats to  my friend  and  to  his then new love, that might be  conceivable,  but I cannot   confirm or deny that either, I cannot find any evidence of it.

I remember once Princess made a video recording of her holding somethin illegal in her hands. I didn't see her face, but I heard her voice. Princess said in that video that she had found the product. I saw the video because Princess sent it to me, I immediately deleted that video and  I  remember  also advising Princess to do that.
Maybe that was the moment Princess said to me that she didn't delete anything but kept everything in the archive because she might need it again later or could use it against someone.

I understand that Princess,  out of spite,  forwarded that video to various other people  who  were known to her at the time. After that she   blocked everyone.   That was a very mean action by her and also indicative of her character and with consequences for her karma.

I don't know if Princess knew who that product belonged to, but by law she should have reported it to the agency designated for it. According to the law in  Indonesia,  you are also punishable (Pasal 131 UU No.35 dari tahun 2009  tentang Narkotika) if you DO NOT report it.

I can't find any clues as to whether or not Princess  had a hand in my friend's arrest (Thn 2018 bln desember).

She was regularly very angry and capable of anything but whether Princess would be capable of something like this I  don't know.
Can  someone even though it is the rejected super in love person be able to be able to do something so low. It could be we   may never know.
Although I have heard a story in the past that someone who was still (drugs) owed money to a supplier (also  of drugs) was reported to the police. Who, as a result, was indeed arrested and sentenced to a long prison sentence.

Vengeance can go a long way, especially in love. People are killed by jealous rejected lovers. So why shouldn't someone be betrayed for far-reaching jalousie? What turns out to be a fact and coincidence is that the commander of the unit that my friend arrested was  and may still be very good acquaintance of Princess.  

But again and explicitly, I do not know that and have not been able to find any evidence of it. I have received regular messages containing these claims from my followers.  
To be honest, I hope that what is claimed in this case by many followers and netizen  is not the truth, it would only place a greater burden on Princess's conscience.

In my chapters on my website I have   told in good conscience about my situation with Princess.
I've had it how we got to know each other, how I got a huge sense of pity, how she manipulated me, how she had me in her grip, how she made me do things especially as far as my friend was concerned.
How she made horrible threats through me, especially to my friend    and mainly with regard to my friend's new love, which she even threatened to kill. How she confessed to me three  times and asked to address my friend about it in her name.
How she told me her sister's 'marriage' trick,  how she had her 'best' friend make a video call with me, had this video conversation recorded and had it posted in its entirety on the internet, how she had me falsely accused of serious offences during this video call.
How she and her sister manipulated my daughter who turned against me and drove through a wedge between me and my daughter as well as her mother  my ex. How she tried to manipulate her fans by making fake visits abroad to doctors to supposedly have her vocal cords, throat examined but with which she was actually trying to turn a wheel on her fans and maybe her family why she was abroad so often. How she made me pay to grow tulips in her name,  how she made me pay for the consequences of organizing an  entire  medical  team of voice and throat experts and then at the time of the appointment she did not want to show up without looking or blushing  and left me with the consequences and many other things. Such as when my friend failed everyone who had been good and kind to her, in whose house she was always welcome but then immediately blocked everyone at all possibilities, people who were kind and nice to her, without regard for the person everyone was blocked.

I told you how she cheekily replied to my DM which she has deleted  (why didn't she send it to my daughter?) Maybe because she wanted to stop me from duplicating that message. How she blocked me everywhere while I've been her absolute confidante for a long time, her daddy. Me actually dragged her through that dark period in her life. Until she dropped me like a concrete block.

Meanwhile, I regularly see posts about Princess on Instagram showing that she  still hasn't said goodbyeto her manipulative and lying life - despite the factthat she's married to what seems to be a serious and sensible husband.
I'm not allowed to say it and maybe it's better that I don't turn it in, but I think it would be wise for Princess to   swap for a visit to a good psychiatrist instead of the earlier candy trips around the world  -   mainly  with my friend. 
Princess loves Los Angeles, but that's where the best Psychiatrists in the world sit, all the world stars are treated there. And Princess is also a kind of world star in Indonesia and beyond.

I have always  gone out of my way to help Princess with what she wanted, I have followed my feelings and made a lot work, as a good adoptedfather.   I tried everything and my daughter did her best.
It didn't work out but I now know that it wasn't me but her terribly unpredictable  and  incomprehensible nature and views of life and especially of how to deal with people or in her case how  not to interact with people   .
She's not too old yet, she still looks good she still has a future ahead of her but... she still has a lot to learn, especially when it comes to the real values of life.
Outward appearances that  everyone and therefore she too sooner or later falls through the basket. You can't keep performing a show in life. At some point, you can't help but show your real face.  
I hope her marriage  holds up  and hope she's not married  just  to be married and show the outside world that she's married.
I  hope that somewhere far from the inside she has a real feeling and that she will show that, also to the people shehas damaged and lied to with her behavior with  a constant performance of her show.

My friend told me that he really loved her a lot, that he was certainly quite in   love  at first.  He  even bought a ring. For months he walked around with that ring, he always had it with him all the time  and every time they went on a trip again and that was often. Because travel was my friend's hobby, that was his life, that's how he wanted to live and Princess took full advantage of that.
Every trip my friend would tell himself, "Now  it's happening,  now I'm going to ask her." But  every time Princess showed her wrong side- every time shethrew her behaviour back into the food and my friend  postponed  that event  ofthe proposedmarriage proposal again until the next time.
They even discussed that  if they wanted to get married  (if it ever came to pass) that the weddingwould take place atBora-Bora.
  So it didn't happen but Princess did go there, not with my friend,  that didn't happen but that one  part  bora-bora  of the wish went on, she ended  upthere.
It's been said that delay sometimes comes and that's what happened  it didn't happen at all in the end and my friend probably still has the ring in the package at least if he hasn't given it to anyone else by now.
One more  time he wanted to give it a chance ,he  met Princess in Holland, she was there visiting a mutual acquaintance  they went together to Paris where the bathroom moment took place: "I don't want togive you amoment, if I take a shower come sit with me because I  love you somuch", that wasit. From there they went to Iceland for a few days, the ring isprobably still inmy friend's pocket but there was another and now for the last and ultimate final time a kink in the cable.
Princess    was still in contact with a man (Rachman) from Malaysia and that was the last drop that made the bucket overflow with my friend.    He felt  cheated and lied to at the slightest. It was confirmation to my friend what Princess was like and how she thought. Maybe Rachman was a good  reserve, but maybe it was the other way around.
In any case,  that was the reason my friend immediately dropped it off on arrival in Jakarta and fled to his new girlfriend. Princess  returned   home in despair.
Princess later told me that this Rachman was just an acquaintance, a normal friend. If so, you don't have to sneak up and secretly  chat with that friend, you don't have to make a secret of it, do you? Then you just have to be open and honest.
Princess was hurt, I can say angry and ended the relationship that she regretted again immediately afterwards because she really loved him she thought, see halaman one through seven, you know the history.
Myfriend had had it, he had met his new sweetheart by now, beautiful and sweet so my friend no longer needed Princess and that takes us back to the point in Switzerland where I came into the game.
With the  ultimate meeting in hotel Melia Senayang where the  final meeting (partly due to my  personal  and  also my daughter's efforts)took place.   
Where my friend made it clear to Princess that there was no future for both of them and that there  would never be  .
I heard him say very clearly a few times: "Idon't want to marry you". And,  "I'll  marry you someday." 
Of course Princess was quite upset that night after my friend had been hired, she had already rented an extra room in advance in the hope that my friend had already rented an extra room after drinking the bottle of 'air doa' (she probably believed  in that). 
To calm her down, my daughter spent the night with Princess. There must have been a lot of discussion there while I was sleeping quietly and nicely in the large bed in the suite at hotel Mulia Selayang.

Princess has hopefully already been able to adapt sufficiently to her new more disciplinary life, Maybe her husband has been smart to go to Japan with his wife so Princess for a few months, in Japan people are very strict and life is tied to many  well  organized rules of life.
RB understood that Princess had attached too  much to the free life she had  attached to  my friend and wanted to show her his way of life and to understand her.
I know and understand that it must have been a very nice and cozy period in Princess's life  together with my friend.
My friend is a very nice, welcoming and endearing person and travelling the world at the time was his lifestyle and hobby.
Princess enjoyed 100% as there is no better tour leader and organizer than my friend.
She  really loved my friend but she certainly loved his way of life, she must have had a hard time saying goodbye to that either.
Therefore, I think that the final adjustment to her current bound life will not be easy, she will certainly regularly think back to her time with my friend, a period that has lasted no longer than e and few years but has been very intense.
She won't lose those memories so easily- yes everything wears off, including the love that came along but  the memory and stay sure if they're beautiful memories.
Even though she will do everything she can to forget about my friend, the time and experience will always be in the memory. Her way of life is changing, but will her character change?

And you don't just change her KARMA. I know my friend was some kind of advisor to her in every area, and maybe that's something she's going to  miss, too.
For example, the mistakes she made recently with jewelry on Instagram that will have happened before when she was with my friend. That's a shame and  definitely a loss for her.
I don't know what her husband RB is like,  he's  definitely  and sensible someone but given his heritage maybe well protected  raised and probably a lack of experience compared to my friend. Who is absolutely not selfish but has a lot of experience.
Both my friend and I, we raised ourselves for the most part, we are more hardened by street life.
I'm sure if Princess had stayed with my friend she would be much further professionally than where she is now and certainly would never have made the mistakes she makes now with my friend by her side.

I feel like I've given quite a lot of insight into what happened between Princess and myself, how the relationships were and how she treated me.

The whole thing has taken me a long time, a lot of drama that I now have serious doubts about whether it was all sincere on Princess's part.
She used me in a devious way without putting anything substantial in front of means.
She hurt me  in my self-worth,  because the whole thing has become a huge deception. Iput my soul and bliss into it but I got out of it much  less that should.
She fooled me,  fooled me, worked on my mind, used me and hurt me.
It's not a big deal, it's another experience in my life. But it's a disgrace.

I am thinking of putting the whole thing in writing again and adding it to my other book as the final chapter.
But it is not yet that far, but if I decide to do so, I will describe some things and events in more detail and not hesitate to mention the right names everywhere. I will attach a chapter on the period 2017 to 2019. About my life and what happened. I will be very open and honest in that book which will cover about 300-350 pages, I hope that I will be able to realize this soon.

Because everything in chapters -1- to this episode has been published by me in full truth and conviction, I have little to add to that at the moment.

Dit is  (for now) the end of the story. I hope that many questions have been answered, that the relationship between Princess and myself is for the most part clear, and how her character developed until the end of 2018. She now has someone else by her side and hopefully his input will have a positive impact on Princess's character- I hope so for her, I hope so for them. Let's hope their marriage is and remains successful and hopefully they will have a few offspring soon, it's been awarded to them.

I apologize if I have hurt someone with my true story or that I have harmed someone, that has not been and never been my intention or intent, I just wanted to tell my story.  And deny that none of this would be true.

It is an honor that so many people have wanted to read my story and I thank everyone for that as well as for the large number of most positive comments I received in different ways, both directly on my website and through the many direct messages (DM) on Instagram and through other media.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karma: As you sow, so shall you reap.


I currently have 23,704 photos and 2,728 videos on my PC. I try to sort that out and clean it up. Many photos and videos have to be deleted.

I was watching some old videos and to my surprise I came across something that shows a hand and a voice can be heard, in the hand I noticed a few small plastic bags with some pills in them. The voice said, "I found that in a drawer here in the bedroom." That was all. I know who the voice belongs to, because it was precisely during that period that I heard that particular voice several times a day through telephone conversations and video calls. And that's why I'm one hundred percent sure who that voice was, mainly because the person in question sent this video to me herself!

I know that there is a law, a law in the land where this person was at that time and probably still is. This law prescribes that a person who is aware of a crime is obliged to report it immediately to the authorities designated for that purpose, failing which a prison sentence of one year can be imposed.

<"Article 131 A person has intentionally failed to report an offense referred to in Articles 111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127 paragraph 1,128 paragraph 1 and article 129 are charged with a prison sentence of not more than 1 (one) year or with a fine not exceeding Rp. 50,000,000.00 (fifty million rupiah).">

I thought: "I'm going to get advice from my confidant-advisor-lawyer". So I did, I went there and my lawyer first wanted to determine whether there was indeed a video like the one above, so I showed it (laptop).
My lawyer had an important question, he asked, "What is the reason for showing this video to others?" "Well, I don't really have any compelling or important reason." I answered.
And maybe the most important question he asked me was: “What does your heart say?”.
I'm worrying, I can't bring myself to get it done because I don't know what the outcome (Legal) could be.
I'm afraid of that, I know what it's like to be locked up, that's something I wouldn't wish on anyone and something I would never do to anyone, whoever the person in question is.
My lawyer said, "Destroy, delete that video, you do not need it." And that's right, I do not need it!
But I still have in mind a quote from someone who was very close to me for a period of time, who said to me: "I never delete anything, I keep it in an archive because maybe I'll need it again later, maybe I can or I will use it again later”.
With that in my mind I have put the video in a “Secure folder” for the time being, because indeed, you never know.

Look putting someone in danger of possibly being arrested and/or imprisoned I don't want to take that risk, I don't want that responsibility, I never want that on my conscience.

There are certain people who would or have already done so. We all know that. I remember a young lady who is involved in social media and in particular specializes in celebrities, movie stars, singers etc., in Indonesia.

This young lady received a startling video from someone with the request or idea to post this video on her Instagram account.

It was a video showing a certain scene of a celebrity performing a pornographic action together with an unknown man, recognition was possible but it could also have been staged by a so-called "look alike", we do not know.

The young lady in question did so, perhaps on request, anyhow she posted the video on Instagram.

Many people who saw this video, the young lady had many followers, recognized or thought to recognize who it was at least they thought to recognize someone well-known.

Such a thing is, of course, very detrimental to whoever it was thought to be. Of course, the artist said it was not about her and reported the case to the local police with details of what she believed to be the culprit.

The result was a lawsuit and the artist who filed this case together with her manager demanded that the young lady who posted the video on her Instagram account be punished accordingly.

As a result, the “guilty” was convicted and sent to jail.

Mean and heartless, she could also have publicly demanded and accepted the apologies, then the result would have been less violent for all involved and sooner forgotten by the general public, this is called amicably appropriate.
However, due to the fact that there was a lot of publicity around the lawsuit, it ultimately turned out negatively for everyone because many people still think and even think they know for sure who that video was about.

This artist has also repeatedly made threats to her ex-lover's new girlfriend as well as to a lesser extend to the ex-lover himself.
She sent criminals to his house to beat him up (didn't work out) and, but I'm not sure it seems to be an open secret that partly because of this particular artist the ex-lover got later into serious trouble.

Maybe the products that were in her hand before, maybe she put those things there by herself, who knows? Only she knows how and what. And God because she told me a couple of times "God will see everything".

Mean, you don't do such a thing, at least I can't bring myself to do it! But yes, a celebrity may think otherwise, heartless!

I personally have often heard her say: “In my country I have power, I get everything done, whatever it is”. "If I want someone dead, one phone call is enough."  Maybe a bluff, but I've heard her say it a couple times. Yes, she was angry and heartbroken at that time.

What kind of person are you because of an unclear video, let's leave it up to you whether that video contained the truth or not, let's keep it a gossip? But what kind of person are you to pull a young woman away from her family and let put her in jail.

When those two sister-prosecutors went to dinner together after the court decision to celebrate, what were they thinking? "We've arranged it, again a few people unhappy." We don't know, but I think it's kind of sadistic self-gratification.

If there is a God then she will surely be punished, abortion three times and take someone away from her family, maybe that's why she will never get pregnant and never really happy. God sees everything she said to me.

They may pretend that they are happy in their marriage for example, but are they really? Is their Karma, okay? Do they know what the law of Karma is like? Do they even know what Karma is? Let's take a look at karma.

Karma is divided into twelve laws as follows:

1 - The Great Law of Karma
2 - The Law of Creation
3 - The Law of Humility
4 - Law of Growth
5 - Law of Mirrors
6 - Law of Synchronicity
7 - Law of Direction and Motive
8 - Law of Will
9 - The Law Is Here Now
10 - Law of Change
11 - The Law of Patience
12 - The Law of Values ​​and Improvement

The two ladies, the “Superstar” Sang Putri (Princess) and the “Manager” Sang Adik (younger sister) should read the book written by D. Zantamata. They can give me their address and I will send it as a gift, as a souvenir, memento of Papa Laurens…

I don't know who, I have a hunch but not sure who is behind the many attempts to hack my Instagram account (last time on 07/26/2021) and many-many times before that.

Hacking my account is difficult  because I have a complicated password and use the second or double identifier.

If I (or someone else) wants to log in to my Instagram account, I receive a text message on my mobile phone with a code that is different every time. I can only log in with my password in combination with the code of the SMS. As long as others don't have or manage my phone number, they can never log into my account. I think that's a good and safe system. But it is regularly tried to hack me, if I only knew who then I could ask what they want and maybe I'll give it voluntarily, who knows.

By the way, all my accounts such as Instagram, YouTube as well as my website are on public so anyone can view, read and if they wish leave comments on those accounts. No secrets. I have nothing to hide and everything I have ever posted on Instagram, published on YouTube or posted on my website I stand behind it for 100 percent and will remain so no matter what, because it is based on the full truth and nothing else then that.

I don't want to bring damage to anyone, do not want to bring anyone down, no, by no means. My aim has been to expose the truth about what happened and to protect myself and my image. Because the gossip was not very pleasant for me but much more unpleasant for the lady in question.

There were too many untruths circulating and I tried to refute that and if I look at the reactions  indeed I succeeded.

Like many, me too saw RB's interview with CNN Indonesia. It was obvious to me from that conversation that RB, yes, the husband of, had not been well informed or had been misunderstood or was misinformed. He was not aware of the facts and I therefore I can advise him to read all chapters including this epilogue on my public website <> 

I am writing this epilogue by popular demand and to once again emphasize clearly why and for whom I have published this story (eight chapters).

I want to consider this the end of the story Sang Putri versus myself. Of course, there will be a reaction from the person or persons who appear in my story and if necessary, I will answer that, we'll see. Maybe via Instagram, YouTube or my website.

I want to concentrate on a book I am writing whose concept is ready except for a few additional extensions, it is about my 'Indonesian' period from February 1992 to January 2007. That exciting story will probably appear in book form and be sold through bookstores and the internet such as Amazon and others, but also as a digital book (e-book).

My wish is to publish that book in three languages: Dutch, Indonesian and English. Of course, the concept is in Dutch. The translation still gives me a lot of headaches. It is not easy to publish a book, especially under your own direction, there are many snags and many barriers to overcome.

A big problem is the translation from Dutch to Indonesian, words can be translated, even whole sentences can be translated, but to transfer the feeling, the expression, the emotions, tensions and so on from one language to another that is not simple, that is extremely difficult.

I'm looking for someone who is perfectly bilingual, Dutch and Indonesian, hard to find apart from the cost. I don't want to work with a professional agency, I'm looking for private persons who can and want to help me.

I'm already working since 2015 on that book, so it's about time it got published.

In 2020 I posted screenshots of a message I received on WhatsApp on August 8, 2018 and then something else on September 1, 2018, among other things, how could they say I was lying about that? This was hard evidence. I spent a long time thinking about what the two letters CK and KC could mean.
Usually, people use initials to refer to someone, so the first letters of the first and last name, but I couldn't figure it out.
Suddenly I remembered that in Arab countries people do not read and write from left to right, but exactly the other way around, from right to left. I didn't find out and the lady in question didn't tell me.
With all my worrying I also thought of Barack Obama and that's how I came up with the name Barack.
After some searching, I got information from a well-informed source that my adopted daughter had regular meetings in Los Angeles with a man whose last name matched, and through yet other sources of information and social media channels I soon learned who was meant by KC and later CK. 
And my suspicion has come true, everyone knows that by now. Those are just facts and I still don't understand why people have always denied that.
It was sometimes told that a previous relationship of CK had not yet broken of and of course as a gentleman you should do that before entering into another commitment.
That could be the reason that the relationship was kept secret until September 20, 2018, the day of the big concert. Where the first meeting officially took place. Which, in reality, had happened much earlier. So, it's a white lie. They are forgiven… or not?

In the meantime, people kept trying to hack my Instagram account, sometimes even seven times in a row in one night (MIT). My family was harassed, I was harassed via WhatsApp and by phone, a lawyer was sent to me who forced me to remove all content from Instagram and YouTube, I had to deal with beautiful Indonesian ladies who treated me in all kinds of (erotic and even pornographic) ways tried to provoke Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, video calls and so on. That was the reason I was suddenly not very active on social media. But I came back, and how!

On September 20, 2018, a big show was planned: 10 years anniversary, the story of a Princess.

I was invited as a VIP, first row next seat to Princess’s mother, Princess also called Wanita beragenda or Sang Putri.

Of course, that was an intense and busy time for my Princess, I understood that.
My friend who previously invited me to spend some time with him in Indonesia, advised to come and to stay, live and maybe work in Indonesia. Said without hesitation: “Come, stay with me, I will arrange a airline ticket for you.” And he did, Garuda business class, sleeping soundly and not being bothered by jet lag.
He offered me to show me around Indonesia and to find out whether I could and wanted to settle in that lovely country. He offered me to stay with him until the big show should take place at the 20st of September that year and I accepted his invitation, sure.

I informed my Princess that I got a ticket and accommodation from my friend and she said: “OK good for you, happy you”.

However, when I was in Jakarta and didn't contact her the very same moment she became insulted and angry and thought I was in cahoots with my friend, her ex, ‘who didn't want to take her back’.

I came also to Jakarta to attend her Big Show and of course to have some sort of holiday with my friend, well that didn't go down well. I heard nothing again from the Princess, and of course I was also too proud to ask how the necessary VIP ticket was going and so the time passed until September 20th and beyond. Her show took place but without me!

Unfortunately, our father-daughter relationship came to an end that time. I couldn't (in my opinion) do anything about it and she (in her opinion) couldn't do anything about it either.

I always thought she wanted to avoid a confrontation of me as her ex's best friend with her new love RB. Understandable, I was part of the camp of her ex love, I was and still am part of her past. But… wasn't I the adopted daddy the best in the world who she loves so much?

It all has to do with character, mentality and the need. Like a little spoiled child, who has a toy but the next day something else in his or her eyes is more beautiful and interesting and absolutely wants to have it, new in and old out, so it went it also in this case, no longer needed, just throw it away… Papa Angkat? Who is that? That's how it went and that's how it is.
However it’s I big shame and I feel it as insulting that she has the courage to say in some TV interviews that she hardly know me and that is was my idea to call me papa, shame to you Princess, I wait for your apologizes, not one but many.

Please take me back, immediately exchanged for another, hopefully better, sweeter, richer, “Take me back ayank” to “I love you so much”, small step. And in fact, it happened what I have told and advised her several times before, I said, "The best medicine for a broken heart is to find someone else". That eventually happened, maybe she listened to me after all and learned something from me. Or the affair was not as new as it seems to be.

And now this is the end of the story. I don't want to add anything more, I realize and hope that many people have enjoyed my story but I also realize that it may have caused shame, sadness and annoyance.

I know many people disagree with me.

1 – They don't believe me
2 – They are not my supporters
3 – They hate me
4 – They don't think it's necessary to reveal all this

But on the other hand, there are many who agree with me.

1 – They believe me
2 – They support me
3 – They love me
4 – They appreciate that I told it all
5 – They are happy that there is clarity now

As I have already mentioned I am working on a book, the draft (manuscript) is practically finished, I am correcting it now and hopefully will be ready soon.

After that it still has to be checked language and style (editing), cover has to be designed etc.

It would then be read by some impartial people not known to me, to avoid emotional evaluation, to rate the story (good or bad or bad), after which it could go to the printer.

Then distribute it. It's a really big job to get it right, I've been working on it at long intervals for about six years.

The most important thing comes after that because I want to have it translated into Indonesian. The whole is about 120,000 words and a good translation is not easy because it is best done by someone who is perfectly bilingual… and try to find them is also not so easy.
In addition, but by no means least, I have to find ways to finance the whole thing, if that doesn't work then I will more or less be forced to consider an e-book so that people can read it online against a fair fee.

I am open to suggestions in any area.


Thank you to everyone who read my story and hope you enjoyed it.

The whole will remain available for the time being for those who have not yet read it or might want to read it again.

Many thanks to the people who helped me with advice, comments and additions.

Thanks for the comments, thanks for the many encouraging messages of support and thanks for the many 'likes'.

Many thanks especially to who advised me so well, kept me in line, encouraged me and helped me extremely well to correct or supplement my Indonesian translation where and whenever necessary.

Thanks to my friend who was so patient.

Also, many thanks to the Princess, who gave me the copy and the inspiration to write this story, without her it would not have been possible.

Happy Birthday (41) Princess on the 1st day of Augustus.

MANY THANKs TO EVERYONE (Including those I forgot to mention)


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